Primate King, an Overview of the Slot

Developer The jungle-themed slot machine Primate King is packed to the gills with enraged apes, and Red Tiger is ready to pounce. Images of raging gorillas are one among the first that come to mind when thinking of ‘anger’ in relation to slot machines. Interestingly, this appears to be the first time these distant relatives of ours have shown on the reels for Red Tiger. Primate King is a video game that borrows an upgrade/reel unlocking technique from a different game in order to simulate the violent behavior for which gorillas are known mathematically.

Red Tiger, who has never (well, rarely) made an ugly-looking game, went above and above in creating the verdant environments of Primate King. When the animated jungle moves and sways, it’s simple to imagine yourself in a hot, bustling setting, which isn’t immediately apparent in a static image. Several skulls are strategically placed on the screen, adding an air of foreboding and recalling King Kong and Skull Island. Without high-quality visuals that provide a credible setting, Primate King would be far less fun. An eerie soundtrack also contributes to the scene’s overall atmosphere.

Primate King is a medium-volatility slot that can be played on any device for as little as 10 pence or as much as £/€10 per spin. Some of Red Tiger’s games have seen an increase in RTP recently, which may or may not indicate a trend. Primate King has a theoretical value of 96% in terms of returns. Since there is no real bonus round, you can theoretically win as much as possible in a single spin, and the potential is rather high. However, additional prerequisites, including upgraded wilds and access to the sixth reel, must first be met. Until then, action unfolds across a grid of 5 reels and 4 rows, with 30 paylines upon which to cash in.

As we click our way to the paytable, we see that the lowest-paying symbols are the card suit royals composed of bones, chains, and the like. Meanwhile, snakes, maps, compasses, and treasure chests all feature prominently as premium icons. After the sixth reel is unlocked, the payoff for a winning combination of six of a type increases from 6x the stake to 30x the stake.

Featured in the Primate King Slot

The earlier Red Tiger slot game Pirates Plenty: The Sunken Treasure shares several similarities with Primate King, most notably an unlockable sixth reel that may be used to form better paying symbol combos. The game also heavily employs a plethora of wild symbol enhancements.

Some symbols occasionally appear with a little gold coin shown in the bottom right corner. When one of these coins drops, it is added to a meter on the right side of the board. They activate one of three variations of a feature called “Primate Upgrade” at key junctures throughout the collection process;

The standard ape wild symbol becomes a completely stacked wild after purchasing Upgrade 1.

When you collect enough coins for the second upgrade, the full reel 1×4 wild symbol is accompanied by a random multiplier value.

Finally, Level 3 unlocks a persistent Full Reel Multiplier Wild. This ape-like wild will stay in position until it has contributed to two spins, one of which is a loss. Its multiplier rises with each next victorious spin. The sticky large wild becomes non-sticky again after the first losing spin following a winning one.

The Primate Smash bonus round might randomly activate whenever a primate wild symbol appears without a corresponding victory taking place. During this round, a gorilla will stomp on the reels, eliminating any low-paying symbols. Only low-value symbols slide down to fill in the blanks. With this mechanic, you can always expect to win.

When all three primate wild symbols have been leveled up, the upgrade bar becomes a sixth reel. and retains its previous casino and wagering parameters. This reel has just the highest paying symbols.

Judgement of the Primate King Slot

With Primate King, Red Tiger continues its trend toward games with a better potential and RTP. Whatever the reason for the change, it will attract the attention of high-rolling gamblers. As well as a boost in stats, the remainder of Primate King gives engaging gaming as well. The progress meter and lively jungle setting provide for a promising first impression. If you’re up for the challenge of taking on Kong Jr., then your quest to access the sixth reel may officially begin.

While you attempt to level up wilds, you can only win on the first five reels until the grid is full. Primate King requires a little more time and effort up front than other simpler games, but the procedure isn’t too time-consuming and won’t take up too much of your day. This is something to keep in mind if you’re planning on doing more day trips into the forest than really living there.

The fact that there is no additional game to play is a potential drawback. Again, this is not a huge deal because Primate King works quite well without one. The key is to get on a winning streak of respins with a growing multiplier. In theory, you might gain up to 3,800 times your initial bet with this strategy. What an incredible turn it would be if you could get a number of high-value respin opportunities with wild multipliers that remain around. Unlocking the game’s biggest features may seem like a pain at first, but it’s ultimately worth it if you play your cards well. Primate King is a fun choice if you’re looking for a tense adventure across perilous jungle terrain and encounters with irate apes.