Slot Machine Available Online, Diamond Jackpot

The Diamond Jackpot slot machine will wow you with its lack of complexity since it is so unlike to the majority of Betsoft’s more recent titles. This slot machine will give you the impression that you have traveled back in time since it recreates the appearance, the sensation, and the features of mechanical slot games in the manner of those seen in Vegas. Diamond Jackpot is a video slot game that has just one fixed payline and three reels, so it’s easy to get the impression that it doesn’t have much to offer its players. But this is only true until you check out its paytable and discover that, when you play for real money, it not only awards rewards of up to 2,000 coins each spin, but it also has its own progressive jackpot.

Diamond Jackpot is a game that is not going to provide you the opportunity to win some enticing rewards while you are on the go since it is only going to work on devices that support Flash. However, if you play the slot using a computer, you’ll discover that it provides an authentic Vegas-style experience, the likes of which you don’t get to see very often. When you read our simple guide to Diamond Jackpot below, you will learn all there is to know about the gameplay, features, and rewards of the slot machine.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine, Diamond Jackpot

You can tell right away that this is one of the most user-friendly online slot machines there are to be found, even from the very first impression you get of it. On the dashboard of the slot machine, there are just four controls, and each one is clearly labeled so that the game may be played more quickly and easily. Select a coin size and the amount you want to wager on each line by using the buttons labeled “bet one” and “coin value,” respectively, and then hit the spin control to start the game. You are only allowed to wager a maximum of three credits every round, but the smallest amount you may spend in a single game is merely 0.01 credits.

The fact that this slot machine has just one payline that you’ll need to keep an eye on makes the game much simpler to play, which is one of the reasons why it’s so exciting. There are a total of five different symbols that may be collected along this line in order to earn money, and the paytable that is located at the very top of your screen will always display the winnings that each symbol awards in the form of coins. If you stake one, two, or three coins on each payline, the precise amounts you may earn will change depending on how many coins you wager on each line. When playing for real money, if you place a wager of just one coin, you have a chance of winning rewards that vary from two coins to one thousand coins for each sequence. If, on the other hand, you wager three coins, you will not only have the opportunity to win cash rewards of up to 750 coins but also the slot machine’s progressive jackpot!

No matter which site you choose to play slots for real money online, if you play on an Android or iOS mobile device, you will not have the opportunity to win any of the slot’s rewards. Despite the fact that Betsoft converted the majority of their older games to HTML5, Diamond Jackpot is still a Flash-based game and can mostly be played on laptops and desktop computers.

Free Spins and Other Features Available on the Diamond Jackpot

In order to identify a winning combination once you have pressed the spin button and the pictures of cherries, BARs, and sevens have begun to spin on the screen, you will need to pay special attention to the centre of the reels. The majority of the time, the slot machine will pay you when you gather three matching symbols on its lone payline. However, there are occasionally occasions when the winnings are awarded in a different manner.

When you are playing for real money, the BAR sign and the seven symbol are going to be some of the most valuable ones for you to acquire. The sevens have the potential to provide prizes of up to 750 coins, depending on the size of your wager, but the single, double, and triple BAR symbols have the potential to award rewards of a lower value, ranging anywhere from 10 to 150 coins each sequence. The slot machine will pay out for any mixed combination of BAR symbols, as well as when you collect only one or two cherry symbols on the main payline, even if you don’t collect a mixed combination of BAR symbols.

However, none of these symbols has the allure of the illusive diamond symbols, which are rather rare. Diamonds, as one would guess from the title of the slot machine, are the key to unlocking the game’s most valuable rewards. A combination of three of these symbols has the potential to pay up to 1,000 or 2,000 coins, depending on whether you are playing with one or two coins each spin. However, if you stake all three coins, the progressive jackpot payout will be yours to keep if you manage to line up three diamonds on the payline.